#RockingMotherhood Challenge



Since I’ve been out of action since like May, I’ve just been catching up with some of my favourite blogs.  I’ve noticed that I’ve been tagged to complete a couple of “challenges” so I guess I’d better get my arse in gear & get them done!

The first one is the #RockingMotherhood Challenge – thanks to Kirsty from HonestK for the nomination!  I love Kirstys’ blog, it’s so honest and hilarious – I actually find myself nodding my way through most of her posts, we could definitely be the same person!  Get yourselves over & give her a follow – I promise you won’t regret it.

I’m supposed to nominate other Mums to complete this challenge but I really don’t know many people on here so please feel free to play along & let me know you’ve done it – I’m really nosy haha!!

The rules of the challenge are as follows:

  1. Thank the blogger who tagged you and link to her blog.
  2. List 10 (or more) things that make you a good mother.
  3. Grab the #RockingMotherhood image and add it to your post or sidebar.
  4. Tag three to five bloggers to join the #RockingMotherhood tag.


Okay so here goes!  Ten things that make me a good mother, I don’t know if I can even think of 1 never mind 10!!

1.  I’ve kept Connor alive for almost 3 years – that’s good right?!  I think I deserve credit for that ha!

2.  I only work 2 half days & 1 full day a week because I hate being away from him.  Don’t know if that makes me a good Mum or the worlds clingiest Mum – either way that’s the way it is.  Not that the extra money wouldn’t be handy, of course it would, but I just don’t like to part with him for longer than is completely necessary!

3. I don’t know how this goes with being a good mother but I suffered from PND and made it out the other side.  Don’t get me wrong, I still have my off days but they are few and far between compared to how I used to be.  It’s a part of my life that although it holds horrible memories, the fact that I’ve “survived” it means that I am definitely a far stronger person now than I was before.  I’m proud of that (and myself) and I think Connor would be too.

4. I will do anything to make Connor happy – be that painting wooden spoons to look like the three little pigs (I actually did this) or reading endless amounts of dinosaur fact books – yes I said fact books, my 2 year old knows more dinosaur names than most adults! – when it’s already waaaay past bedtime.  I really don’t think there’s much – if anything- that I wouldn’t do for him.

5. We’re always being told how Connor is a joy to look after, how funny/clever he is, how polite he is etc etc – we must be doing something right?!  I definitely pride myself on having a very polite child.  I make remind him to say please and thank you for every tiny little thing & although he sometimes needs a lot of reminding when it’s just us apparently when he’s with other people he’s a little charmer.

6. Connor will literally chat away to anybody and everybody.  He’s not what Scottish people would class as a “strange wean” – basically means wary of people, doesn’t talk much etc.  Connor could and regularly does talk for Scotland,  I love that he’s so confident in every situation – we could walk into a room full of strangers and he will work his way round speaking to everyone.  At parties/softplay he dives right in without so much as a “bye Mum” and I’m usually left in a trail of dust as he runs off to explore.

7. He loves everybody and considers everybody to be his friend.  Even if in actual fact it’s one of his Grampas’ friends who has only spoken 2 words to Connor in his entire life.  He has such a warm, friendly, caring nature and I would like to think I’ve we’ve had something to do with that.

8. I’m dressed like a tramp 99.9% of the time while Connor swans around in brand new clothes.  I think the same can be said for most Mums and their kids but I’d just rather buy for him than for myself.  He’s way cuter than me and his outfits always look better anyway.

9.  Connor fights me most nights for bedtime.  He always wants one more cuddle – it drives me insane because by this point I just want my dinner and a seat on the couch.  This can sometimes go on for nearly an hour but if David goes puts him to bed he’s out like a light first time.  David says it’s because he takes the piss out of me, I say I clearly give better cuddles.

10.  My son is just amazing.  I can’t believe that we actually managed to make something as clever, funny and caring as he is – especially when he came from us two weirdos.  We definitely must be doing something right.


That was so bloody difficult.  I don’t even think half of those points answer the question but it’s the best I’ve got!


Please feel free to complete this & tag me so I can be nosy and read all your answers!


V xx


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