Teething Problems

Whose idea was it for humans to have teeth?  Honestly, worst idea ever!  As the Mum of a still teething 2 year old I can honestly say that I now believe teeth are over rated!  Well, maybe not all teeth but definitely the ones you can’t see i.e. the back ones – who needs them anyway?!

Connor has been teething since literally the day he turned 3 months old  & the slevvering hasn’t stopped since.  His mouth has been like a running tap for almost 2 years now and I honestly can’t wait to see the back of bibs.  Every outfit he has is ruined by either having to put a bib on him or the big wet patch that inevitably appears within 5 minutes if he goes bib-less.

The first few teeth – front bottom & top were pretty hard on him.  He started teething in the December at 3 months old but they didn’t make an appearance until the June – over 6 months later!  It’s been a slow process this teething malarkey.  He was very unsettled and uncomfortable to begin with but once a few teeth popped through he seemed to be able to deal with it better and a whole load seemed to appear without much of a fuss. Fast forward to his dental check up earlier in the month & were told that all but 1 tooth was through.  One of his back teeth is still under the gum but right at the surface.  I stupidly thought ‘well he’s managed the other 3 without too much bother so the last one should be fine too’.

How wrong was I?  The last one has been a nightmare.  It’s taken my usually lovely wee boy & turned him into a clingy, grumpy & still slevvery monster.  Temperatures, sore mouths, mood swings, tiredness – you name it & we have had it this past fortnight & he won’t let me look in his mouth so I have no idea if we are even close to being done yet.

So, I thought I would share a few things that have helped us out over the past (almost) 2 years & in particular this last 2 weeks.

When Connor was tiny & first teething Sophie was his best friend.  He absolutely adored her and she came everywhere with us.  He could often be found eating her nose or with one of her legs in his mouth giving it a good chew.  Sophie was well worth the money and she is now one of the first presents I buy for any new baby – highly recommended!

2. Bibs!

I cannot get enough of bibs.  We go through on average about 5 a day & that is purely down to them being soaked with drool.  I’ve really struggled to find nice ones that don’t say things like ‘I love my Mummy’ etc but I don’t want to pay an arm and a leg for them because they get washed constantly and need replaced really quickly.  I always have at least 2 spare in my bag at any time – even when Connor isn’t with me!

3.  Ashton & Parsons

These are teething powders, I’ve heard mixed reviews of them from various people but I can honestly say these were a game changer for us.  Connor reacted to them almost instantly and they totally settled him.  We stopped them for a while when he wasn’t really showing any signs of discomfort as they are quite pricey – roughly £6 for 20 sachets – but as soon as he starting teething badly again these were the first things I bought.  There are other brands available but these are the only ones I have tried.

4.  Nurofen

I used to only give Connor calpol but it never seemed to last very long.  At one of his baby groups there was a Mum who was also a Pediatrician, she told me that Nurofen works better for teething as it helps reduce the swelling of the gums which relives the pressure and/or pain.  So since then I’ve mostly stuck to Nurofen for teething pains, combined with the Ashton & Parsons but I will top up with Calpol in between Nurofen doses if he is really hurting.

5.  Ice/Frozen Fruit

When Connor was little I used to give him one of those plastic reusable ice cubes to suck and chew on.  That helped a little but it never lasted long as his mouth was so hot the ice cube would melt within minutes.  We also bought one of those food net things and put frozen grapes etc inside so he could chew them without being in danger of choking.  Now that he is bigger he gets an ice lolly to help cool his gums which he quite likes.

Overall, I think Connor would definitely vouch for the Ashton & Parsons Teething Powders though as they are the first thing he goes for when his mouth is sore & he’s perfectly happy to lie down on the floor and let me pour the sachet into his mouth – that says it all really.

What are your top tips for a teething baby/toddler?  Anything in particular that you swear by?  

Leave me a comment & let me know.  I’m over on Instagram too @lifeinthegingerlane  come & say hi!

V xx


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