Personalised Easter Book

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Last year Connor was given the most beautiful book for Easter from his big cousins, however at 18 months he was just a bit too small to fully appreciate it.  He didn’t quite get the whole Easter Bunny thing, or anything to do with Easter actually, so I put it away and completely forgot all about it until I went looking for last years egg hunt supplies!  Because Connor was too small for it last year I don’t think I paid it much attention, obviously I read it to him but he was going through the Gruffalo phase at that point so nothing else really mattered.

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This year it’s a whole different ball game.  Connor is so excited at the thought of the Easter Bunny and hunting for eggs  so this book went down a treat.  Although Connor isn’t a particularly unusual name, we have yet to find a boo
k where it’s mentioned – and we’ve read a lot of books!  So it’s of extra special importance to him because although the story is simply about the Easter Bunny, his name is written on every single page and the illustrations are so beautiful I had to share.  He just loved trying to figure out where his name was on each page, he obviously can’t read yet but he seemed to be able to roughly tell the difference between pictures and letters.   If you want to get prepared for next year – I know I’m a bit late for this year given that Easter Sunday was yesterday, sorry! The book is available from Signature Books and you can find it here .

V xx

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