Book Review: RSVP – Helen Warner


You are cordially invited to the wedding of the year…


Anna, the Heartbroken Ex

Clare, the Best Friend

Ella, the Femme Fatale

Rachel, the Bride-to-Be

It’s the day Anna’s always dreamed of: The Love of her Life is at the altar, about to say ‘I do’.  But that’s where the dream ends, because although he’s The One, he’s about to become another woman’s husband.  Or is he …?

What I thought

It was okay.  I can’t say much more to be honest.  I read it, it passed the time but I’m not any better off having read it?  Each chapter is told through the eyes of a different character – Anna, Clare, Ella or Rachel.  Three of them have interesting stories worth reading, but I didn’t feel that the chapters about Ella were adding anything to the story.  You could have totally skipped those parts and the story wouldn’t have turned out any differently.  The character of Ella played a major part in an event that occurs at the beginning of the book but as the book progresses her character gets smaller so personally I don’t see the need to have sections specifically about her as she doesn’t really bring anything to the overall story.  Having said that I did enjoy the stories of the other 3 girls and found myself wanting to get back to the book to find out what was happening with them.  It’s worth a read but don’t expect amazing things from it.

Next on my list 

The One We Fell In Love With by Paige Toon

I love Paige Toon.  I’ve read all her books, even the teen fiction ones!  So I’m really looking forward to her latest offering which I’m sure will be as amazing as her others.

What are you reading this week?  Comment below, drop me an email at or follow me on instagram @lifeinthegingerlane

V xx


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