Welcome to the World – Labour & Birth Story

In my last post, my 38 week update, I mentioned that at my last midwife appointment there had been a few things that had unsettled me & reminded me of the latter stages of my pregnancy with Connor. My blood pressure this time was exactly the same as it had been just before I got told I had pre eclampsia last time – literally exactly the same. That appointment was the Wednesday and on the Thursday I started having what I thought were Braxton Hicks, this wasn’t unusual as I had them really bad & from really early on this time around. However, they didn’t go away – they started at around 10 mins apart & then got quite erratic, some every 2 mins, some were 15mins. I decided to phone triage at around 7.30pm just to see if they thought it could be labour, the midwife asked me a few questions about the contractions one of them being ‘so you’re in pain during the contractions, pain builds & then goes away and you’re pain free until the next one?’ It was then that I realised that although I was having contractions the pain wasn’t going away completely, I always had a dull aching feeling going right round from my back to underneath my bump. The midwife said that it sounded like it could be early labour but the fact that I was in constant pain caused her concern and she wanted me to get check out.

David was playing football so my Mum drove me to the hospital. Typically it was the night of the Super Moon so the place was absolutely heaving. We got there about 8.30pm and weren’t seen until after 10pm, by this point I couldn’t sit down & was getting what I thought were contractions very regularly. They hooked me up to the monitors to check on baby & took my blood pressure which surprise surprise wasn’t behaving. I was left on both monitors for half an hour and told that if my blood pressure hadn’t settled by then they would take bloods and see if anything was happening. Of course it didn’t settle & they sent away a few vials of blood to be tested for god knows what!

Fast forward to 1am and I finally get taken off all monitors and left to wait for a doctor to come & see me. Unfortunately all doctors were in the operating theatre but they would be with us as quickly as they could. At 4.30am othe doctor finally arrived. We discovered that there was protein in my urine, my blood pressure was also still raised, I had swelling in my hands and ankles & one of the blood tests had shown that my kidney function was slightly wonky. Basically if you had a preeclampsia checklist I was ticking every bloody box! I had 2 choices – I either went home and came back every couple of days to have my blood pressure monitored or I could be induced. Obviously induction was the preferable option because by this point I was well & truly fed up. By now it was 5am on Friday morning so I was given a sweep (absolutely horrific, I don’t recommend it!) and was booked in for an induction on the Saturday afternoon. I came home, did what I had to do and got organised to have a baby!

Given that my induction with Connor was 36hours from start to finish I braced myself for much the same this time around. David and I set off hospital after dropping Connor off at my Mums, we got settled, I was put on the monitor again for 15-20mins before I was checked to see what method of induction would be best. After having the sweep I’d been cramping all night but on further inspection I wasn’t dilated and my cervix was still really far back so they opted for the pessary. It was 3.30ish at this point and I was told that unless my water broke I wouldn’t be checked again until 24hours later, so we decided to go for a walk to see if that would get things moving. Within an hour I was getting contractions, again they were really erratic but I took it as a good sign that things were progressing. David left at around 9pm & I tried to get some sleep, by then the contractions were coming every 5minutes and they were getting stronger. Pain relief wise I’d been offered paracetamol and codeine all day but had refused it as I figured it would be better to wait but come 11pm I was fed up and gave in. Not that it did anything right enough so I didn’t bother asking for more. Sleep was basically impossible so I had a bath at 4am to see if that would help and strangely enough it did. It didn’t take the pain away but in the warmth of the water the contractions were definitely more bearable which confirms my belief that I would’ve liked a water birth – maybe next time eh?!

David came back at 11am, he’d tried to get in at 9 as we’d been told by a midwife the night before that was when the ward opened but she was wrong. The poor soul was raging and had to wait in the cafeteria until the ward finally opened at 11am. By now I was utterly fed up, the contractions were coming thick and fast now & every time I stood up they came quicker – obviously this made me want to lie down but I was told to try and stay upright. It didn’t help that everybody who was in the ward with me when David left the night before had all gone to labour ward to have their babies & I was still waiting. It was like that scene from Friends when Rachel’s having the baby!! I hadn’t had any pain relief since 11pm because it didn’t have any effect so I didn’t see the point in taking more but I was told by the morning midwife that I should take it regardless of the effect it was having (or lack of in my case) as it was a good base for any pain relief I’d want later on. I had paracetamol and codeine 4 hourly from that point. I had another bath just after David came in and again it helped somewhat but the walk to & from the bathroom was a killer. I spent the rest of the afternoon bouncing on my birthing ball & doing figure of 8s – I’d been told by Connors Water Babies instructor Wendy that this was a good way to help baby turn and come out the right way.

My Mum & sister came to visit at about half 2 & my sister started counting my contractions, they were roughly about 2-3 mins apart but my waters still hadn’t gone. I finally got rechecked at 4.30pm & it was so bloody sore, I literally could’ve cried. But thankfully I was now 3cm & could go to labour ward, woo!! By the time they came to take me round to have the baby it was 6.30pm. Our midwife, Angela was so lovely, she asked me how I wanted everything to go and what I wanted/didn’t want. I think I made it pretty clear that I wanted an epidural, I was so done with being in pain at that point I just wanted some relief. After Connors birth, I knew I didn’t want diamorphine – it had made me so sick and itchy as well as making me feel completely out of it -so I made sure I told David & the midwife that no matter what I didn’t want it. That was all fine & we headed round to labour ward, I was straight on the gas and air the minute I walked through the door & felt great for about 10 minutes. Angela rechecked me before breaking my waters and said I was 4cm stretching to 6cm and that after my waters went I should labour pretty well. She broke my waters at about 7.10pm and literally within minutes the pain was so intense that the gas and air had absolutely no effect. I asked for an epidural & was told that they needed to take blood before I could have one so they inserted a cannula into the side of my hand, took blood and off she went. What felt like hours later she came back and I asked again for the epidural, Angela told me it could take a while and that I was doing great – it really didn’t feel like it. I remember looking at David and saying to him – I need diamorphine. He was so good and said ‘remember you said you didn’t want it, it made you all itchy, you’ll get the epidural soon’ but by then I couldn’t take the pain anymore, my contractions were one on top of the other and I was getting absolutely no relief, as much as I knew I didn’t want diamorphine something had to take that pain away.

David buzzed for Angela and explained the situation, she also reminded me that I didn’t want diamorphine but when I told her I couldn’t stand the pain any longer she nodded & left the room to get it for me. Within a couple of minutes of her leaving I heard myself say to David ‘I need to push’, he got the fright of his life & immediately hit the buzzer. When Angela walked through the door he said ‘she says she needs to…’ and she said push before he did! She said ‘I was just saying to the girls out there, that’ll be Victoria to tell me she needs to push’. She had brought the diamorphine with her and said that I would be better to just have half a dose and then I wouldn’t be completely out of it after the birth. I remember saying to her ‘no, I want the whole thing & I want it now’!! She then said to me when you feel you can turn on your side & face David, this needs to go into the top of your leg. It took almost everything I had to even try and turn but just as I did she said ‘stop! Sorry Mrs, but this baby’s coming now, no time for diamorphine!’ So I just had to carry on with gas and air. Strangely enough pushing gave me a relief which I hadn’t expected & the ‘ring of fire’ wasn’t anywhere near as painful as I’d thought it would be.

I have no idea how many pushes it took but I know it wasn’t that long & our beautiful baby was here. A gorgeous baby boy. Born at 7.53pm a mere 43minutes after my waters were broken. He had his cord wrapped around his neck & his body three times, apparently if that hadn’t been the case then he would’ve been out much quicker! He weighed in at 7lb 4oz, pretty good for being 2weeks early & he looked exactly like his brother. If I hadn’t been there I would’ve said it was the same baby. I was in total shock because I’d been so convinced we were having a girl, this pregnancy was so different to Connors but there you go. It felt amazing to be so clear headed after the birth, compared with the last time when I’d had every type of pain relief possible. He ate basically as soon as he was born and didn’t stop for a few hours, just like his brother and then he slept from 1.30am til 6am. Because everything was fine & I was so desperate to get home to see Connor we got discharged at 9am.

The poor wee soul didn’t have a name for a good few days but we finally decided on

Mason Alexander Fisher

He was absolutely worth the terrible pregnancy and having to be induced, I really would do it again 10times over. His birth was so empowering. I never understood it when I heard other Mums say that but it really was. Actually being able to feel him enter the world was amazing – painful but amazing.

V xx


Mama Needs New Glasses – Perfect Glasses Review AD

When I was pregnant with Connor 4 years ago, I noticed a major change in my vision, obviously I got it checked out straight away and bought myself some new glasses only for my prescription to change again when he was born. Apparently high blood pressure & general pregnant-ness can cause changes in your vision which may only be short lived. Obviously I was unaware of this and spent a fortune on my new frames only to have to go out a few months later and get a new pair. Rookie mistake. The same thing happened when I was pregnant with Mason, this time however, I was savvy enough to know what was happening and wait until he was here to have my eyes tested. There had been a definite change in my prescription which would require new frames, so when PerfectGlasses.co.uk reached out to see if I would like to work with them again I was very excited!

I did a review of Perfect Glasses last year which you can see here, I opted for a pair from their cheaper range called Jorgio and was pleasantly surprised. This time around I decided to go for a more expensive pair of frames and using the try-on option I tested out probably every brown coloured frame on the site (I’m not brave enough to try another colour) and finally settled on a pair of designer glasses by Police. They are a dark brown with red legs and a little silver detailing in the corners, not my usual style with the red in them – slightly out of my comfort zone – but I loved the shape! Price wise these came in at £180 but are currently £90 using the discount code HALFOFF. There is such a huge range of both men’s and women’s glasses available, from basic frames starting at £15 to prescription sunglasses I challenge anyone not to find a pair they love!

The service was very quick and professional; my new glasses were courier delivered within the week & boy was I glad they were. The headaches and scrunched up eyes are long gone and I can finally see clearly again! My glasses came in a lovely protective case with a little cleaning cloth & I absolutely love them. The frame is slightly darker than I had expected but I’ve gotten used to that and actually I really like it! The glasses themselves are lovely quality; they feel very sturdy and I’m not concerned about them breaking easily – a very real possibility with 2 boys in the house!

Overall this has again been a very positive experience & I have been recommending Perfect Glasses to all my friends and family. So if you need new glasses or fancy treating yourself to a nice pair of sunglasses for the summer then definitely get yourself over to PerfectGlasses.co.uk especially whilst there is 50% off – what’s not to love?!

Pregnancy Update – 38 Weeks

Okay, so I haven’t been as good at doing these weekly updates as I’d hoped I would be.  Aside from the initial ‘3 become 4’ post I’ve managed one half-assed 20 week update which was published 17 weeks late!  So I’ll just quickly recap whats gone down over the past few months and bring you all up to speed.

I’m now a few days away from being 38 weeks and I am done.  We’re all getting so impatient to meet this little one and the thought of waiting another few weeks is killing me!  This pregnancy has been entirely different to Connors and not in a better way; baby number 2 seems to be trying it’s best to be twisted at any given opportunity and it’s definitely taken it’s toll on me.

It all started when Connor started nursery back in September- he came home with a cold towards the end of the week and obviously just had to share it with Mummy (he’s nice like that!).  Connor was back to normal within the next few days but I wasn’t so lucky.  It turned into a chest infection that I couldn’t shift no matter what I did – 4 months, 4 courses of anti biotics, 2 hospital admissions and 1 CT scan to look for blood clots later and I think I can finally say I’m over it.  I had to start my maternity leave early as I just wasn’t fit to be there and didn’t want to share whatever I had with the elderly people I work with.

As if all that wasn’t enough to be going on with, we were sent for a growth scan during the second of my hospital admissions as one of the midwifes felt that although my stomach measured on track the baby ‘felt small’ with her hands.  This was at 31 weeks which was when Connor had started to measure behind due to my having pre-eclampsia so I started to panic slightly.   Turns out this chunk was already measuring in at 4lb 3oz and was 2+ weeks ahead – panic over!  The same midwife was also convinced that baby was breech – it wasn’t thank fully but this being in my notes caused my community midwife to have her doubts too.

The following week when I attended my local midwife and filled her in with what had been going on since I had seen her last, she did all her checks and everything was fine.  When she felt for babies position she said that both ends felt a similar size so she wasn’t convinced that the baby was still head down & to come back in a couple of weeks because nothing would be done until 36 weeks anyway.  I was pretty sure baby was head down because of the pressure and pain I’d been feeling.  Also, Connor had a much bigger head than he had bum when he was born so I was pretty confident that this baby was the same.  I went back at 34 weeks and she couldn’t tell but was leaning towards baby being breech, although she couldn’t say for sure.  I went for my 36 week check last week and she was 100% convinced that baby was breech and I was booked in for a scan for Monday – 4 days away.  However, there were a few things that happened at that appointment that had me slightly unsettled and I knew I wouldn’t have been at peace until I knew what was happening so luckily I managed to rearrange the appointment for the following day.  There wasn’t anything that caused the midwife any concern but a few of my stats mirrored those I had at my last appointment with Connor which was just days before the pre-eclampsia kicked in so obviously my mind went into over drive.  Also the babies heart rate was raised and took a while to settle to a rate that the midwife was happy with so that had me slightly concerned too.

Fast forward to the Friday and I had myself so convinced that something was going to be wrong when we got to the hospital.   I took my hospital bag with us and was waiting to hear that the babies heart rate or my blood pressure were too high and that paired with the breech position meant that the baby would have to be delivered.  Thankfully that never happened – we were in the scan room 5 minutes, if that, and were informed that baby was infact head down!  So all my worrying was unfounded and we’re back to the waiting game.

Connor was born at just past 37 weeks so I really don’t know how to do these last few weeks.  I’ve been getting a ridiculous amount of Braxton Hicks as well, which is something I never experienced last time – they’re really bloody painful!  My birthing ball is getting full use, it’s basically the only place I can sit that’s even remotely comfortable.  I don’t have another appointment with my midwife until 39 weeks but I’ve got everything crossed that I don’t make it that far!  Any recommendations to bring on labour?  I’ve heard about eating pineapple and dates (?) and obviously I’ve been using the birthing ball but I’m open to suggestions!

When did you have your babies?  Was it true for you that your second babies came earlier than the first?


* UPDATE!! Baby was born literally a couple of days after I wrote this post! So I didn’t manage to get any nice pregnancy shots like I had planned.  Birth story coming soon!

Pregnancy Updates – Week 20

Well I’m half way there!  Week 20 has landed.  It really has flown in this time, it feels like literally 2 minutes ago that we found out we were expecting baby number 2 and now the countdown really is on!

I’m finally feeling slightly more human, the sickness and nausea seem to be gone for the moment (touch wood).  I am still pretty shattered at the end of every day but I think that’s just the way it’s going to be for the foreseeable.  Not feeling baby move much as of yet, a few little punches and kicks here and there but it’s definitely not into a “routine”.  Although whenever I say I haven’t felt it move for a while I always seem to get kicked at that exact moment, clearly this baby can hear & understand what I’m saying!

Blood pressure is still behaving thank goodness so I’m keeping everything crossed that it stays that way.  I’ve had to have blood taken on 4 separate occasions as they’ve managed to lose my blood samples twice and it seems like my veins have gone on strike as it’s a bloody nightmare for them to find anywhere to put the needle in.  So, you know, swings and roundabouts haha!

My hips/back/pelvis are generally pretty sore most of the time, some days are worse than others but again it was the same when I was pregnant with Connor so it’s just par for the course.

We had our 20 week scan this week and everything is looking great.  Like I said in my previous post; we won’t be finding out the sex this time as they got it wrong with Connor and we don’t want a repeat of that.  I’m hoping I can get David on board with going for a 4D scan so Connor can come with us and also so we have the same scan photos of each of the kids – I like to keep things even.  He’s not having me on at the moment, he says those scans creep him out but I’m working on it.





Kids Stocking Filler Ideas That Won’t Break The Bank!


I thought I’d share with you what we’ve got for Connors stocking this year; you’ll have to bear with me on the photo front – they’re not great but in my defense I do live in Scotland and since it’s December it’s basically dark all day long!

I’ll try and remember where I got everything from & how much it was and where possible I’ll put a link in.  So here we go!



This little Paw Patrol Marshall bath set was from B&M and I’m now thinking it might be slightly too big to fit in Connors stocking so it might just get wrapped with the rest of his stuff.  I can’t find it on the B&M website but it’s on Amazon here.


Connor has recently decided that he’s a Hulk fan – we have no clue where that came from as he’s never seen the Avengers!  I saw this little snack pot set in Home Bargains and thought it would be a cute stocking filler.  It’s got a drinking cup, bowl & plate which also doubles as a lid.  I’ve seen it online in other characters as well & got Iron Man for one of Connors’ friends!


We love Orchard Toys in our house so when I saw they did Mini Games I thought they would be the perfect stocking filler. This one was £4.04 from Amazon & I think Connor will love it!


I picked these up in Home Bargains for £1.69 each!  I thought they’d help Connor with his letters and numbers, they’re the perfect size to slip into a stocking.


Connor has a couple of Thomas and Friends Take-n-Play sets & he’s forever losing the engines so when I saw this in Smyths I picked it up.  It’s currently out of stock online but they had loads in my local store and they were cheaper in there too (£3!). Smyths were also offering a buy 1 get 1 half price on all the thomas engines, so it worked out even cheaper – obviously I bought quite a few but they won’t all fit in his stocking!








                  I picked these up in the pound shop for the bargain price of – you guessed it – £1 each!  I’ve also got David Batman & Hulk socks for his stocking so that the boys can match, Connor loves getting the same as his Daddy!  The handcuffs are because he loves playing cops & robbers so I thought these would be fun!


I’m sick to death of the hatching dinosaur eggs so when I saw this I thought it was a little bit different.  Instead of having to put it in water & wait for days this one fizzes away instantly and reveals whatever dinosaur you have!  I picked it up in Smyths for £3.99 and they had a few different kinds but it seems to be out of stock online so I found it here for the same price!


My child, like most other 3 year olds absolutely loves bubbles.  I saw this in B&M for £1.79 and thought it made a nice change to the normal bubbles.  The bubble solution comes with it & you dip the wand into it then blow through the other end to create the blizzard of bubbles!  This seems to be only available in store so keep an eye out next time you’re in!


I couldn’t buy more engines for the Take-n-Play sets and not get Connor.  This one was pretty expensive to buy online – apparently it’s rare or something – so when I saw someone selling it on ebay I nabbed it!


This Hulk bath bomb I picked up in Poundland since we have a huge Hulk fan on our hands now!  The putty I got in Smyths, I think it was around £1.29, pretty self explanatory!


Paw Patrol Bath Foam.  Connor loves bath foam & his current one is about done, this one was from Home Bargains I think, it was around 89p but they also do it in the poundshop.


What stocking would be complete without chocolate?!  The giant coin is from B&M, I think it was around £1.  The little bag of snowmen were 89p from Aldi and I think the lollies were from Home Bargains.


So I think that’s everything that will be going in Connors stocking – with the exception of a tangerine, does anyone else do that?  I hope this has helped give you some ideas, what are you putting in your kids stockings?  Let me know in the comments or follow me on Instagram @lifeinthegingerlane and drop me a DM I’d love to hear from you!


V xx

Elf on the Shelf Ideas!


Yep, it’s that time of year again when the pesky Elf on the Shelf comes back to join us!  I must admit, I do absolutely love it, even more so this year as it’s the first year Connor properly believes in the magic and it’s amazing to watch.

I usually like to plan ahead & do have an Elf on the Shelf bag filled with bits and bobs I’ve collected over the course of the year.  I showed David said bag the other night & he literally tried to divorce me on the spot haha!  Apparently that’s not normal behaviour & I need my head looked at but if it makes my sons Christmas that little bit more special then I’ll take being thought of as nuts!  I’m not going to lie, I do tend to get completely carried away but it’s all part of the magic, isn’t it?

Having said all that, I thought I’d share a few of the things our elf – Reindeer (Connor named him) – has done the past couple of times he has come to visit.


Reindeer did his own washing.  He even hung it on the line to dry!


This was a personal favourite of mine.  We were greeted in the morning with Reindeer holding a variety of coloured card all cut into different shapes & a note that read ‘Do you want to build a snowman?’.  Connor & I spent the morning sticking the shapes onto the livingroom door and making our own snowman!


Tea party with the dinosaurs including the fish he had caught in the kitchen sink the night before!  I just love the way the T-Rex is holding that tiny china cup!


This took place over 3 nights.  Reindeer arrived with a note and a little packet of seeds (tic tacs) to be planted in the ‘Elf Garden’ (hot chocolate & empty candle jar, with some ribbon).  Connor planted them & by the next morning they had grown into candy canes.  Cheeky Reindeer then took the candy canes and turned them into a sledge which he used to go down our banister!


Reindeer had gotten fed up waiting for Connor to write his letter to Santa so he brought one for him to do.

Playing target practise with snowballs – Connor really enjoyed playing this in the morning.  Captain Reindeer crash landed his plane into the Christmas tree!

I’ve posted a few more of them over on my Instagram @lifeinthegingerlane  please pop over and follow – I’d love to see you over there.  Have you started the Elf on the Shelf tradition?  What kind of thing does your Elf get up to?

V xx

Book Review – The Loveliest Chocolate Shop in Paris. Jenny Colgan



As dawn breaks over the Pont Neuf, and the cobbled alleyways of Paris come to life, Anna Trent is already awake and at work, mixing and stirring the finest, smoothest, richest chocolate; made entirely by hand, it is sold to the grandes dames of Paris.

It’s a huge shift from the chocolate factory she worked in at home in the north of England.  But when an accident changed everything, Anna was thrown back in touch with her French teacher, Claire, who offered her the chance of a lifetime – to work in Paris with her former sweetheart Thierry, a master chocolatier.

With old wounds about to be uncovered and healed, Anna is set to discover more about real chocolate – and herself – than she ever dreamed.


What I thought

This has been sitting on my bookshelf waiting to be read for probably about 2 years, if not longer, so I figured it was high time I gave it a read.  I’ve never been to Paris but I love to read books that are set/about there plus I love chocolate so I was pretty sure I was on to a winner before I even started!  Thankfully I was right!

The book starts with quite a serious situation although it’s written in such a way that it never drags the story down – the tone always remains light hearted and relatively positive, definitely a hard thing to do!  I loved following the journey of the lead character Anna and watching her grow as the book progressed, this was another page turner – I finished it in a matter of hours!  The contrast between the stories of Anna and her high school French teacher, Claire was a nice touch.  There were a few striking similarities but Anna’s ending was very different to Claires.

The Loveliest Chocolate Shop in Paris deals with some hard hitting issues which could be quite difficult to read but thankfully Jenny Colgan writes about them in such a way that they don’t affect the overall feel of the book.   I really enjoyed this book and am now looking forward to working my way through the rest of my Jenny Colgan collection!

Next on my list

I haven’t quite decided yet.  I’m trying to work my way through my bookshelf and clear out before baby number 2 arrives – we badly need the space!!  I may just start at the beginning and work my way down!  Watch this space!

V xx

Book Review – Then. Now. Always. Isabelle Broom


FullSizeRender (2)

Are you ready for an adventure?

Hannah Hodges certainly is.  And so when she is offered the opportunity to spend a month filming in a magical Andalusian village on the south-east coast of Spain, she grabs it.  Andalusia was where she spent a large part of her youth; made so many of her memories, and her mistakes.

But this time it is going to be perfect.  Because she is not only going with her best friend, Tom, but also with her gorgeous boss, Theo.  And this unforgettable place is the perfect location to make Theo finally fall under her spell.

Except Hannah’s past is everywhere she looks, Tom is acting increasingly distant, and her half-sister appears determined to ruin everything.  Again.

Hannah has just a month in paradise to secure the happy future she knows is waiting for her.  Will Andalusia work its magic?  And will that future look exactly as she always thought it would?

What I thought.

Having previously read A Year and A Day by Isabelle Broom and absolutely loved it, I knew I had to pick Then. Now. Always. up when I saw it in a local charity shop.  I’m so glad I did, I’ve been out of the habit of reading for a few months now but this has definitely reminded me why I love books.  Similar to A Year and A Day the setting plays a huge part in the story and I have now added Mojácar to my list of places to visit, it sounds absolutely magical.

The central character of Hannah is so relatable and I found myself to be completely in her corner when it came to certain moments throughout the story.  I felt as if I was actually Hannah’s’ friend and was completely aghast at the actions of other characters; as ridiculous as that may sound I was totally involved in the story.  This is a love story at it’s core but not necessarily the one you might imagine.  There are a few twists and turns along the way; the course of true love never did run smooth after all, but all the little pieces of the story link up so perfectly that the book just wouldn’t be the same without them.  I found my self so eager to find out what happened that I finished the book in a matter of hours, I literally devoured it!  However,  I can’t say that the book ended in the way that I would have liked – I’m a romantic at heart – but I’m also a big sister so I’m not against it either, to be honest I quite liked that Isabelle Broom didn’t opt for the generic ending.


Next on my list

The Loveliest Chocolate Shop in Paris – Jenny Colgan

This has been sat on my bookshelf, along with a few other Jenny Colgan books for a while now so it’s about time I got around to reading it.  I’ve read a few books by Jenny Colgan in the past so if they’re anything to go by then this should be a great read!

V xx


Bedtime Routine

I’ve seen a few posts recently about bedtime routines and I thought I would add ours to the mix.  We have had basically the same routine since Connor was born with a few add ons as he has gotten older.

To be fair, he always has been a relatively good sleeper – I’m convinced this means the next one is going to be an insomniac!  I do think, however, that having some kind of routine also helps settle your little one at night.

The bedtime routine here starts at roughly 6pm, this is when I start to run the bath.  He does get bathed at my Mum & Dads quite often so depending on whether we are at home or there this time can vary by 15-20 mins.  Bath time usually lasts about 20 minutes, give or take, unless my Dad is bathing him in which case the pair of them can be in there for nearer an hour playing with dinosaurs.

After bath its jammies on, sometimes I put a body lotion on Connor – particularly in the colder months, I like to use the Dove Baby range as it’s so lovely!  Then if he’s hungry he has some supper, usually a slice of toast and some milk; to be honest, he eats that much during the day that he rarely asks for anything!

By this point it’s around 7pm so we head upstairs to his room where he will pick his books for the night.  If David is home Connor usually drags him upstairs to play tennis or some random made up game involving rolls of cellotape but if it’s just the two of us we go straight for the books – I’m clearly not as fun as Daddy!  Most nights we read 2 books but if they are particularly short or we happen to be in bed earlier than planned then we might add another one on!  His favourites at the moment are the Sir Charlie Stinky Socks collection by Kristina Stephenson or any dinosaur related book that catches his eye!

After the books it’s time to brush his teeth, I usually do it first much to his disgust & then he finishes them off by himself. I tuck him into bed and sometimes he asks me to sing him a song – the most requested number is Little Bunny Foo Foo but every now and again he lets me choose!  A kiss and a cuddle follow and then it’s lights out & I head downstairs for some peace (and usually my dinner!)  Most of the time that’s him out for the night but if he does shout on one of us we go into his room, sort the problem and leave again.  Lately we’ve actually taken to just staying outside the room and telling him it’s time to sleep as we discovered that he was just shouting on us for a chat!  As if he doesn’t talk enough during the day haha!

On a good night I’m downstairs for 7.30pm at the latest and he sleeps through until 7am most mornings.  We follow the same routine for his nap during the day, he’ll usually sleep for about an hour and a half after nursery.  We’re so lucky that at 3 he will still nap, I know a lot of his wee friends have refused it for a while now.

So that’s our bedtime routine.  When number 2 comes along we’ll do the same with them and fingers crossed it’ll work as well second time around!

What’s your bedtime routine with your little one?


V xx


The Scottish Tag

I feel like I’m lacking any kind of writing inspiration these days, baby brain has arrived early second time around! So I thought I would do a little tag and hopefully get my blogging mojo back.  What better tag to do than ‘The Scottish Tag’, I saw this over on a couple of  You Tube Channels – Mrs Meldrum and Mama Reid so being Scottish, I thought I’d jump on the bandwagon!


The Scottish Tag

Question 1: Whereabouts in Scotland are you from?

I’m from a wee village about 20mins outside Glasgow.

Question 2: Where’s your favourite place you’ve been in Scotland?

I love Edinburgh.  We don’t go often as David used to work there & it lost it’s charm for him but it’s definitely one of the most beautiful places I’ve been in Scotland.  The buildings are absolutely gorgeous; I could spend hours just walking around looking at them.  There’s so much history there as well and the people watching is fab!

Question 3: Where would you like to visit in Scotland?
I’d love to do some of the Islands.  The Fairy Pools in Skye are on my bucket list – they look unbelievable!
Question 4: What is your favourite Scottish film?
I don’t really have one.  I’ve seen Trainspotting but I didn’t find it up to much.  I would probably have to say Braveheart – I mean the acting is pretty awful but there’s just something about it.
Question 5: Do you match up to any Scottish stereotypes?
Well apart from the obvious one – I’m ginger!  I don’t wear a kilt or play bagpipes and I’m rarely drunk.  Also, I hate haggis.  Irn Bru is great though as are deep fried Mars Bars.
Question 6: What is your favourite Scottish food?
Tablet?  Is that Scottish?  It’s more of a sweet than a proper food I suppose.  Like I said before, I hate haggis.  I’m not sure what else is classed as a ‘Scottish food’  tottie scones, square sausage?  STEAK PIE!! That’s definitely Scottish, everybody loves steak pie & if you don’t you just haven’t eaten a good one!
Question 7: Do you follow any Scottish traditions?
At school we always used to have a singing and poetry competition for Burns Night and a ceilidh for St Andrews Day.  Since I’m clearly not of school age anymore the only thing we really do is Hogmanay (New Years Eve) which apparently is only really a thing here in Scotland.
Question 8: What is your favourite Scottish word?
I probably say loads but they’re just words to me so it’s difficult to pick just one.  I say aye (yes) and crabbit (grumpy) a lot.
Question 9: What is your favourite Scottish song?
I love Loch Lomond.  I’ve always wondered how people from other countries know that a party is over if Loch Lomond isn’t played!  I also love Dignity by Deacon Blue and obviously Flower of Scotland.  Auld Lang Syne is a Hogmanay favourite too.
Question 10: Can you recommend any Scottish you tubers?
Like I said I found this tag through watching Mrs Meldrum and Mama Reid – I love both their channels so definitely go give them a watch!
I tag Kirsty from Honest K – I think you’ll love this one!
V xx